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View our levels and tailored programs to help you on your learning journey!


If you have a passion for music, whether you are young or old, sign up for our lessons today. You are never too old or too young to start playing an instrument. Learning an instrument takes time, patience and practice, but once you become familiar with the instrument, it’s an amazing feeling. Don’t delay, start today!

Private Lessons (All Ages)

One-on-one lessons done at our premises

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Group Lessons (All Ages)

Two to three students per group lesson

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Toddler Classes (Age 3-5)

Give your toddler an early start to a musical journey by exploring our range of toddler classes.

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Kids Classes (Age 6-12)

Help your child learn to play an instrument. Start your child off with our kid’s classes.

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If you’ve never picked up an instrument, this is the level for you. You will learn to play the basics, and will be able to play many popular tunes. This level is also for those who have played their specific instruments before, but haven’t mastered the basics.


If you already know the basics and you looking to improve and challenge yourselves to play even better, the intermediate level is for you. This level is only for guitar and piano. In this level, you will learn how to play many different styles and genres.


This level is not for the faint-hearted. If you are looking to play like the greats, this level is for you. It is only for piano and guitar students, after they have completed the intermediate courses. Learn how to play advanced techniques, and intricate rhythm patterns.