About Fray Music Academy

About, Buying Instruments and Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are

Fray Music Academy is a professional yet relaxed music school, aimed at teaching and improving music skills. FMA specialises in guitar, keyboard, bass, vocals and drums and is suitable for the whole family.

At Fray Music Academy, we provide private and group lessons for everyone from the age of 4-years-old and up. Fray Music Academy was founded by Jared and his wife Kimberly.

FMA is based in Midrand, Gauteng. In-person lessons are exclusively to those who live in and around Midrand. however online lessons are available for people who are not in close proximity. Our private lessons can be done in the comfort of your own home or at our venue. If it is done in your home, a call out fee is required





Where to Buy Instruments

Marshall Music in Woodmead offers professional and quality musical Instruments at a discounted price. They are located at Woodmead commercial park. Toms in Rivonia also offer good quality instruments. Their instruments are slightly pricey, but for the quality of the instruments, it is worth it. Their address is 7, Rivonia Crossing 2, Witkoppen Rd &, Rivonia Rd.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then instruments such as guitars, basses, and keyboards can be bought at Cash Crusaders. However, the quality of their instruments aren’t very good, and unlike Marshall Music and Toms, the assistants won’t be able to help you find the right instrument for you, due to their lack of knowledge of instruments, so it would be best to get advice from us as to which instrument suits you or your child best. There are a few branches in Midrand. If you’d like to buy instruments online instead of in a shop, then Takealot is the perfect place to buy instruments. Again, make sure to get advice from us as to which instrument would be best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bring my own instrument to lessons?

Yes. You must have an instrument that you are comfortable with. You should bring your instrument to your lesson each week. The only exceptions are with keyboard and drums. For drum lessons, you need to bring only drum sticks.

Where are the lessons held?

We currently have two venues that we operate from,- one at AFM Midrand Impact Christian Centre (Address: 15 Barbet Rd), and the other at St Monnica’s Anglican Church (Address: 73 5th Road). They are opposite one another.

How long will I need to take lessons?

The period of time that a student is enrolled in the program varies. The basic fundamentals can take about four months to learn on average, if the student has a consistent practice routine. Music, however, is a science that can be studied for a lifetime.

How long should I practice?

You should practice at least twenty minutes a day, three times a week. Make sure to have a schedule, and be consistent with it. You will improve much more by practicing twenty minutes for three times a week every week, than by practicing twenty hours in one week, and then stopping for a week or two.

Will I need to purchase any additional materials?

We currently have a curriculum for Guitar, Piano, Bass & Drums. There are three standard books leveled one to three that cover all the basics, and goes until intermediate. The first book is covered in your package/lesson fees, but the other two need to be purchased. The tutor will also share their own material with you at no extra cost. If you are interested in the grading system and would like to do exams, then additional books will need to be purchased to practice from. We assist our students through Trinity. Trinity allows all music students to do either music theory, or music performance exams at one of their exam centres. Once passed, the student will get a graded certificate stating that they have acquired a specific grade in music. Grades are from 1 to 8, with 8 being the most advanced.

Do the teachers teach you to read music?

Yes. You will learn to read music, however, you can’t learn to read music without having a basic knowledge of music theory. If there is something you would like to learn, please feel free to ask your teacher.

If my schedule changes, how difficult will it be to change my lesson time?

Students that are already in the program will have the first choice at new times as they become available. If your schedule changes, let the manager know and they will give you top priority in moving if an alternative time is available.

Do you have any other activities for students?

From time to time we try to offer our students the opportunity to “show off” and at the same time give them the experience of playing in public and
with other people. We do concerts during the year, and allow the students to play with each other in bands.

I already know a little about my instrument, do I have to start at the beginning?

No. We evaluate each student to determine their level of understanding and then tailor each student’s plan of study. The most important part of taking lessons is learning to play. Our instructors want you to have a good foundation to build on; however, they do not want to waste your time or theirs.

I’m not sure if the instrument I already own is good enough, how will I know?

We will be more than happy to inspect your instrument to see if it is suitable for
instruction. (For your convenience, please do this before your lessons are scheduled.)

Do you offer morning times?

We only offer morning times on Saturdays from 8am. During the week we teach from 1pm to 6pm. Although we will try to accommodate your schedule as much as possible.

How will I know my child is progressing?

Our tutors are always willing to talk to parents about their children. Please feel free to ask your child’s tutor anything about their progress. There are also
tests that the students do that the tutors record and send to the parents.

May I take more/less than one lesson a week?

We recommend one lesson a week for consistency, however, if you feel you want to take more or less than one lesson a week, you may do so. Just bare in mind that you have to do a minimum of two lessons a month.

How much notice do I need to give before I quit lessons?

You need to give us at least 2 weeks’ notice before quitting your lessons with us. This must be given as a written statement and sent to the manager to the school.

How much notice do I need to give before I quit lessons?

You need to give us at least 2 weeks’ notice before quitting your lessons with us. This must be given as a written statement and sent to the manager to the school.

Do you sell instruments?

No, we don’t sell any instruments at our premises. If you are just starting out and don’t have an instrument yet, we will help point you in the right direction as far as where to get an instrument and how much a beginner instrument should cost. By not selling instruments we can focus on what we do best – teach!

I'm not sure if my child will perform in the concert. Does he or she have to?

Our concerts are not mandatory, and at our school we never want our students to do something they are uncomfortable with. Our concerts are fun, low-pressure events and if you think your child may be a bit shy about performing the first time, please come and just listen and watch one of our concerts. We will gladly help encourage participation if you would like us to.