Lesson Fees

  • Private 1-hour lessons: R330 p/h – R1320 p/m
  • Private 30-min lessons: R200 p/h – R800 p/m
  • Group 1-hour classes: R275 p/h – R1100 p/m
  • Group 30-min classes: R150 p/h – R600 p/m

Terms & Conditions

Please review Fray Music Academy’s key Terms and Conditions applicable to all lessons provided.
  • Payment has to be made in full in advance, before the lessons commence.
  • Enrolment automatically rolls over each month/year, unless cancelled.
  • Two weeks notice must be given to cancel the lesson agreement.
  • There are no fortnightly or casual spots available, only weekly spots.
  • If YOU cancel less than 24 hours prior your lesson, there are no catch-ups or credits
  • If YOU miss a lesson without communicating with us, there are no catch-ups or credits.
  • If WE cancel or miss a lesson, a catch-up or credit will be offered.

Please download our full list of Terms and Conditions to read prior to signing up for lessons.

Payment and Banking Information


First National Bank (FNB)
Business Account
Account Number: 62900704538
Branch Code: 250117